Arts and crafts for the win.

My three year old is a crazy, loud destructive little ball of mess. Anytime i mention crafts and coloring she pauses. I think those things are probably her favorite pass time in the world. Today when i mentioned making a turkey to put on the table she was so excited! Now don't ask me why … Continue reading Arts and crafts for the win.


That bittersweet phone call.

What a bittersweet phone call I received a few hours ago. Do you know that feeling you get when you have been so excited for something but as it inches closer, and closer you just need time to slow down? As some of you may know Air swore into the United States Air Force in … Continue reading That bittersweet phone call.

Tell me I can’t, and watch me succeed.

In my short life I've been told a lot of helpful advice. Also, some hateful words. The top of the list on the hate cake absolutely has to be "You're a terrible mother for joining the Military and leaving your kids!" HOLD UP. How? Part of the reasoning of me joining is to improve my … Continue reading Tell me I can’t, and watch me succeed.

Would you like some salt with that?

Just because you are a *insert profession here* student does not mean you are a worthy source to listen to. For all we know you are failing miserably. Besides, I've been a pre-nursing student, general studies student, and a criminal justice student. That doesn't mean I should Teach how to administer an IV and arrest … Continue reading Would you like some salt with that?